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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vesti by Martha Rodriguez

Vesti by Martha Rodriguez

VESTI showcases the beauty of handwoven indigenous fabrics from different Tribes and communities in Mindanao.

Vesti is wearable lifestyle sustainable fashion bags combining "Mindanaonon-materials" and modern embellishments and fabrics.

 Vesti collaborates with Mindanao small-scale industries and livelihood programs and support the artisan weavers by buying fabrics directly from them, without the aid of a middleman or other parties.

Martha Rodriguez, designer and founder of Vesti, created the social enterprise with one goal in mind: build Mindanao Pride through indigenous fabrics woven by different tribes in Mindanao (Tinalak, Yakan, Hinabol, Abaca, Mindanao Silk, Jute, etc. ) into modern, functional and lifestyle bags.
Born and raised in Cagayan De Oro, She takes this as an opportunity to help share one of the region's unique crafts.

The Modern Yakan Collection features the beauty and craft of traditional textile.

The Designs highlight Yakan fabrics woven by the Yakan Tribe in Zamboanga. It is a play of colors in structured bags, a fusion of traditional and modern, and perfect for those who want to have statement bags with quality that lasts.

Martha Rodriguez joins other emerging
designers in developing exciting new products 
with local manufacturers at MANILA FAME
2014. She has partnered with
Chelsi Leathershop (Bulacan) for leather
and Austolia Jewelry Arts (Cebu) for Metalworks.

Who have ever thought that these kind of Fashionably Chic and Awesomely Stylish Bags are made from Mindanao? Congratulations and I am with you Ms. Martha Rodriguez in your endeavor to promote and support our artisan weavers from the small-scale industry in Mindanao in creating Proudly Filipino made products.

Support our Mindanao Community!
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